Oct 1 2013

Stop the Blame Game with Computer Monitoring

There is a quote that goes like this, “When your future arrives, will you blame your past?” – By Robert Half. If like many parents and employers you are concerned with teens and employees’ internet use and still have not done something, don’t worry if you can still see the clock ticking that’s telling you that you got time ‘NOW’. But there is a thing to remember of the clock; till it is ticking we are always sure of our time however it never tells us before it is going to stop so the sooner parents and employers get started with preferred monitoring software such as SniperSpy that encompasses excellent features.

People Berate their Environment

In the words of Mr. Edward Zwick the American director, producer and screen writer,” I look at modern life and I see people not taking responsibility for their lives. The temptation to blame, to find external causes to one’s own issues are something that is particularly modern”. We heard of serial rapist Ariel Castro blaming the FBI, victims and his sex desire for his crimes. It is sheer shame on his part to blame others for his horrifying acts least the FBI and victims. It seems people who have achieved little on their own will obviously take shelter in blaming their environment when they are the environmental cause!

Kid got Stabbed to Death in School

A 16 year old boy was dead in Texas as he got stabbed by some rogue young teens. The police stated that it was possibly related with a gang confrontation where a teen took out knife to stab and hurt others. Parents have shown concern to the school authority however school authority couldn’t stop this from taking place. We need to remember that education begins at home.

We can’t blame the school for not putting into children what we don’t put into them. Not being aware of their day to day activities and if they are involved with a stupid gang that carries knifes is solely parents mistake. We often hear in the media that is it required in present times we must watch our kid’s smartphones, tablets, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry mobile phones as they can bring out many unknown facts about them.

Better Reality then Dream

We want to think everything is good until we learn the truth or we could be unnecessary worrying without a proper reason. Learn the reality with SniperSpy Mac with features like silent audio recording and clicking of photos remotely from your online control panel. You get all logs of their calls, emails, texts, IMs, chats, websites visited, photos, videos, apps and GPS details. Know what and how they are communicating with outsiders in school and if they are involved with any gang, pornography, drugs, cyber bullying and other 21st century worries which shouldn’t be overlooked. Get instant alerts, email all logs, learn all the keywords and with all the details you wouldn’t be blaming kids, schools or society anymore.

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Jul 19 2013

Online Teen User Needs to Be Careful of Spoof Websites

Just the other day I received a Facebook message from a distant Facebook friend (we are not quite friends just friends on the list) asking me to like somebody’s business page. Well I did like the page because it was about a product that I liked, actually no I just like it out of courtesy!

Yet another day I read a status on Facebook by a person on a group I follow that his fan page crossed 300 likes. Sometimes I come across a Facebook status asking people that people can like somebody’s page if they find it interesting and so on and so forth. I hope these examples ring a bell. The social media following and its followers have increased and are much in demand today.

Business of Fake Followers on Social Media

Are you wondering why somebody wants to have fake friends or followers? It is simple for more credibility and popularity after who doesn’t like attention. There are some who would work hard towards earning every follower or like and others who would just pay $19-20 to get 100 some LinkedIn fake connections.

Apart of celebrities and politicians, anybody can buy followers and this business has become a multi-billion dollar business. On Twitter president Obama has 29.18 million followers out of which approx. 13.1 million are fake accounts, 8.6 million are inactive accounts and only 7.3 million good followers. Facebook have around 83 million fake accounts. We should start following what Nate Silver said, “On average, people should be more skeptical when they see numbers. They should be more willing to play around with the data themselves.”

How to know if a Verified Account or a Twitter Profile is Fake?

As we see there is no fair game of followers being followed, we have to be careful of imposters and phishing sites that are very well put. Some people can just copy and paste the ‘verified’ Twitter sign on their user header image. One can examine that the account is fake, when a popup doesn’t show saying it is a verified account.

While friending people, kids can easily get intimated by a perfect picture. Now there are even companies that run services where they can create better looking twitter profiles and re-tweeting services starting at $1 to $1000 for creating 100 to million fake followers. There is no easy way to figure out the real from the fake however a little cautious can be useful.

First think is that parents have to be judicious here and stop looking at plain content. Most such profiles are copy and paste so they have a whole bio of a real person/business. Don’t follow people who don’t have many local following, those who have no common friend between you and them, ask questions and see signs of contradictory facts, see how old the profile is, if they have been tagged by others, does the comments sound fake and made up. One solution from identity theft, imposters, cyber predators and pedophiles is also possible by installing one of the most rarefied computer tracking software AceSpy Mac that logs complete activities like websites surfed, apps installed, photos/videos accesses, files/folder changes, GPS, all keystrokes and option to email reports to one’s email address.

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May 31 2013

Must Have Cell Tracking Software to Know Teens Online Activities

Most parents wouldn’t believe that their teens could be hackers and yes it was not the case some 10 years ago, however today the story has changed. As teens spent hours online with often little monitoring, they can easily become influenced by a thought or viewpoint of a popular hacking group. Joining a group and becoming a part of their activities could also mean that they can easily be held accountable for the group’s activities.

Then it doesn’t matter if someone joined a hacking campaign because they were moved by it at that moment, as the law will look at them all as cyber criminals or cyber terrorist only. Those people who are alleged with hacking activities get their lives turned up-side down. Just like the supposed people commonly referred to as “PayPal 14″ the name that became common for addressing those 14 people who are awaiting trial for their hacking activities.

A few of them were just unsophisticated hackers who had no idea what so ever that they could have been under FBI radar. One of them just had a laptop and an Xbox, another thought that he was only sending out some requests from his desktop and thought it was no big deal. Today all the 14 who are between the age group 22-44 yrs old find it impossible to get a job, meet friends, find a companion and for some their families have disowned them.

The worst is that they are just ‘hanging in’ and these teens and adults can flip any time once the verdict is out. One of the alleged hackers went to say that if he gets convicted he would jump off of a bridge and some of them also have taken to drugs. The percentages of teens attacked are on a constant increase year after year due to the availability of crime ware kits and Trojans on hacking forums.

Unlike old times where hacking tools were only accessible by cyber criminal warlords and other elite underground cyber criminals, now these hacker scripts are easily available for download by any person either for free or a couple of dollars. It is all the more important to monitor teens because they can easily be tainted due to hacking and other activities. As the internet becomes easily accessible via smartphones, tablets and computers/Mac, more teens can be seen committing cyber crimes they don’t even know they are committing.

We can’t allow our teens to believe that they are doing a service to mankind or are protecting freedom of speech with such hacking activities and any denial of service attacks will always be taken seriously by the government. In order for parents to monitor their internet and online activities there is a superb solution of installing a cell phone tracking and recording software like Mobile Spy.

This cell tracking software comes with the best surveillance features of logging all websites accessed, call info, contacts, emails, photos, videos, apps and even GPS details of the target cell phone. With the newly released version of Mobile Spy 6.5, both parents and employers also get added recording features like options to record surroundings and turning on the stealth camera of the cell phone remotely to snap a quick photo. Today hacking by teens is just one danger among the many that parents should not overlook and they must get Mobile Spy from Retina-X Studios for a select internet use in their family.

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May 10 2013

Internet Use and What It Means For Most of Us

Do we keep asking ourselves if our use of the internet too much, are our children over using the internet or is it something too natural and within the limits of use. I remember my older sister always very keen on knowing what others wore and what was in or out of fashion at the time. On the other hand I was always someone who cared little about what was in or out except I like when someone wears something nice so it feels good and becomes a happy sight. It is strange but moods can change if people around you are not dressed the way you want them to and likewise moods can change if one doesn’t use the internet in an optimum way.

Now the most difficult thing to part is deciding what is an optimum amount of time on the internet. Lets say I want to use the internet for 3 hours a day and others are good with 7 hours, that doesn’t make me one person better than the other. It is what one is trying to accomplish and how one is able to keep a balance in the midst of it. I remember meeting a few people during my travel, people who found ‘work’ on the internet and wrote great journals online but they still maintained a paper journal. That kind of balance is required where you are not completely a tech hound who dismisses every other detail in life but who also equally enjoys other things.

I was always amused by this one experiment in life, which is staying far away from a place, cut from the normal hustle and bustle of people around and city life. This method, one has to wait may be forever but there is a seldom urge in all of us to disconnect online. There is one person in particular who did just that for one year, and now as he says he is back. The idea was simple, a company said that they would facilitate his guest and then he can share his experience with the world online and offline.

Here are a few of his worth findings and my findings from his. I must share why  he decided he needed to disconnect because he thought internet was making him corrupted by soul with less or no realness. Now after one year, what he has is a realization that it is not the internet because of which he sometimes becomes lazy, cranky, unproductive, moody, and unreal and misses the simulation to do things. I believe our lives are all about finding the meaning we all have been looking for and then we need a push to do things. Even in the solitude of his room, or his first feelings of elation with his offline existence waded off after some time, but perhaps one shouldn’t follow such extremes on both ends.

It is true that there is some worth in our important Facebook friends, there is some ‘virtual’ in our reality and a bit of ‘reality’ in our virtual lives. And just to make sure that our young kids and teens don’t get lost in the virtual world we need to monitor their internet usage with a Mac monitoring software like AceSpy Mac that logs and records Mac activities. As parents and employers you would be able to log emails, chats, IMs, Keystrokes typed, YouTube, websites visited, get auto screenshots of Mac and much more. With AceSpy Mac software ensure that kids take breaks from the internet and smell the flowers, and also learn to see that others also have feelings both online and offline.

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May 3 2013

Netflix Gaining Momentum as Need for PC Monitoring

The world is moving ahead and it is the same on the internet as well but only at a greater speed it seems. There are online companies that are doing very well like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, MySpace and Gmail. In the recent survey by IBIS World, these social networking websites have shown a growth rate of 184.3% for the last five years and can expect a 32% revenue growth rate in 2013. It is our children who are their biggest users and early followers of online social networking sites. Today teens and tweens have more than two accounts on such social media websites and are sharing information constantly on their Mac, PC, tablet and smartphones.

The video streaming service giant Netflix has also shown great promise by adding another 2 million new subscribers in the U.S. to its current sleeves and now have a total of 33 million plus members. Its shares reached a 24% high, closing at $216.62 in after-hours trading. The company provides on-demand rental video/movie services to customers in North/South America, Finland, Canada, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and the Caribbean and are continuously adding more locations.

They have added another option for families, those who want to stream media with fellow members by giving the option of adding up to four people to their ‘family plan’. So now more co-workers, friends and family can use the same account and still be able to stream Netflix videos simultaneously from different locations. With already extreme use of the internet and video watching among children, this trend is not a very healthy one without proper monitoring in place. What parents can do here is install Mac computer monitoring software like SniperSpy Mac on the system to ensure proper content streaming.

You would be amazed to know that the streaming services have become very popular today and so have the P2P sharing of files and videos/photos among internet users. There are many websites that offer free and premium accounts for sharing big files over the internet such as Drop Box, Box, Rapid Share, SugerSync, YouSentIt, Ge.TT and Live Drive among few which allow everyone to send and receive large files with great ease online. This can be very dangerous when our children could be sending files such as their personal videos to strangers online or employers sending company propriety documents to their personal emails or competitors.

What SniperSpy Mac does for families and employers is that it will make Mac monitoring very simple and quick. You will be able to remotely access all logs for websites, emails, chat transcripts, applications, keystrokes, files and folder changes, pasteboard activity, actual screenshots and even location mapping. The LIVE control panel gives parents the right to even view live screen shots, live keystrokes, browse file system, view system processes, and remotely launch an application in real time on the Mac machine and can restart/logoff/shutdown user remotely. The SniperSpy Mac program runs stealthy and doesn’t let the child know of its presence at any time. This is the best and the safest bet parents have to ensure healthy sharing and as well as use of virtual data rooms in their home.

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Apr 26 2013

Monitor Facebook to Stop Predators from ‘Friending’ Teens

It would come as a great surprise for many people to learn that the social networking websites that teens log into each day are also grounds for predators and pedophiles. We know about these individuals that are sick in their minds looking for lonely teens for a video chat, text, or phone conversation. It is found that many of these predators are not looking for physical contact, this is likely due to police vigilance, many of these people just prefer to keep it till the internet boundaries.

The new monsters on the internet are men posing as boyfriends or their future life partners to teen girls on Facebook, Instagram, MySpace, Twitter or dating sites. They exploit the sentiments of girls who are looking for some support and help due to family, personal or financial issues. In one case where a girl on Facebook was forced into prostitution by a man who sold her the biggest fake dream of the world. He friended her on Facebook by sending a private message like “you look cute”, and the teenage girl accepted the friend request thinking he was cute. After that they exchanged message for over a month before she traveled two and half hour to meet him.

Everything started quickly after she arrived there, he showed his true colors by taking her to a red light street and told her to, “catch dates”. Life definitely got changed from that day on for the teen and it would have been the same if the police and FBI didn’t raid the operations. Technically we can say that her life is better now but only that girl knows in the heart of hearts the pain she lives with each day when she was forcefully dragged into prostitution by a predator.

According to police, they have found girls getting recruited and solicited on every social networking site that exists, especially Facebook. The tricks these professional predators showcase can’t be easily decoded by teens who are already too naive and gullible.

What predators usually do is once they friend teens on Facebook and other social networking sites, they start to look for other girls in their circle and spam them with messages too. Whoever would respond perhaps will become their next prey. As the Virginia attorney general said in a conference, there is no high school that is immune to all this and parents have a huge responsibility to monitor teens’ Facebook chat so that they know who they are talking to online.

Our teens/tweens can easily be fooled by someone who is nice to them, after all that we have taught them the difference between nice and rude. There is no way they would know better because if they did then there would be no need for parents. With the internet becoming a common ground for mishaps of all sorts, parents have a strong computer monitoring software at their fingertips called SniperSpy which once installed on the computer will log all the computer activity of their teens.

The software will log all social networking logs such as Facebook and others, chats conversations, applications executed, logs of IP location of the PC, clipboard logs, websites accessed and more. The SniperSpy monitoring software is the best solution to keep all the bad solicitations from reaching our teens.

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Mar 15 2013

Windows Keylogger for the ‘Media’ Changes Online

We may not read the newspaper every day, and even when we are it is more like flicking through the pages. That is the morning routine for most disinterested people yet most of them would go online to actually read those stories of the day. The media today is online and our social networking has become a part of that overall media especially for our friends. With recent changes that will be done on Facebook’s new news feed feature, we can hope that its homepage will become more of a newspaper in coming times.

As of March 7 2013, Facebook has talked about how they will be changing its News Feed. The News Feed basically helps one with viewing the most recent stories and highlights important changes. This time they have given it a more richer and immerse design to it, now we will be able to see bigger links, photos, ads and specialized feeds for music, apps, games, and posts by close friends. It looks like they have the best of Twitter, Instagram and online newspaper with their new news feed option, as half of the traffic on Facebook comes from photos and the rest of it from statuses/updates/conversations on the site.

Wall Street’s Facebook status with this seems to change and most advertisers and marketers have got bigger foot with videos being added and richer in-stream ads at least for now. Another thing to note is that, the design for the new News Feed will be common for both desktop and smartphone users. This implies that users will get accustomed to it quickly and will be able to take on the same message no matter from where they log in.

With all the marketing at place and tweens/teens spending more time on Facebook, parents have to tighten up the computer monitoring measures. One evergreen option is installing an excellently designed and coded computer monitoring software like AceSpy for your family. For our already reticent kids who are so immersed on the web, parents have found a strong predilection towards this software that allows one to take care of kids from anywhere and anytime.

In the past as well, there were enough people who used the News Feed option on Facebook for their own exclusive benefits like adding birthdays, links, and advertisements to attract users in a more ‘all over the place’ attempt. Unfortunately, the News Feed changes can also increase Facebook stalking and marketing stunts by people that without a ‘system or software’ in place for controlling this entire media consumption can be very consuming. With given intensity in photos, videos, ads, links, friend’s files, newsletters, business marketing now, our children are exposed to more dangers. The changes to News Feed will be introduced to all web users in a few weeks’ time and with AceSpy installed on it, parents will still be in perfect control of the family’s use of the internet.

Those people who don’t install the local computer monitoring software might find the changes as beneficial or as derogatory. But with AceSpy onto the system, all these risky media changes will turn out just perfect! AceSpy logs complete email, IM chats, photos, videos, websites and files/folder changes and access details with time/date stamps. Parents will also be able to see all keystrokes typed on the computer and screenshots of the Windows PC remaining completely undetectable.

You can also get all the logs and records on your email with a quick setting update by going to the personal online control panel from any internet browser. The software gives freedom from bad or indecent use of media in current times. AceSpy doesn’t make you think twice before as many have made the correct choice of getting AceSpy as your ultimate computer monitoring answer.

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Mar 1 2013

Parental Monitoring Software for the Right Digital Cooperation

For everything to flourish, it needs the right environment. A small example of the same is that we can’t grow vanilla fruits without proper care, right organic manure and suitable shade. Growing natural vanilla is one of the most labor intensive jobs and I can easily compare it to bringing up young kids. Our tweens and teens are growing up as digital natives and without our right cooperation they will stumble onto the internet highway. You must see how the aroma rich vanilla is grown. Imagine if so much care can be put into cultivating a plant then parents should definitely put a little more into their efforts for raising their children into responsible and mature adults.

It first begin with appreciating kids

Yes, I believe that we can live without love but not without appreciation. Either we need someone to appreciate us or we learn to appreciate ourselves. In a recent TV show, I revisited this concept of appreciating others and our kids. It was a show on comedy central, a parent couple was having a difficult time with their problem child. So the father found a trick and he said to his daughter that he knows how she feels and what she wants and finally asked her to do her homework and clean her room (the child felt heard and understood). So, yelling at kids or telling them that you care is not enough, banning them from watching TV or reprimanding is not always good either.

It’s all in the PROCESS and it better be a superior one

Human kind developed computers to help its race with vast computing, digital  and arithmetical expertise. Today, we have the best computers and smartphone technology, however we are missing the human connection. We have smartphones storing our large-sized data but we still need human intelligence to come to conclusions and for making non-obvious hypothesis. The friction we see between technology and mankind is precise because we have become stubborn in our mind and body. Therefore, we need better cooperation and our decisive nature put together with technology.

Depth of adversaries and our children

When it comes to our kids, the web is full of adversaries. Our teens know computers and smartphones far better than previous generations, but what they don’t have is life experience. Kids can definitely, at any time use some good and well thought assistance and guidance from their elders. Your digital cooperation can come in the form of a smartphone parental monitoring technology like PhoneSheriff. It provides parents with the logged phone data and then allows you to evaluate information from it. The data which the software captures and records gives you insights on different aspects of your child’s life like her/his school, friends, boyfriend/girlfriends and their current fears/hopes. There is no software that has learned to recognize new and innovative patterns than humans who can do this. So, we need to become partners with this superlative technology so that we are in a position to detect defects and warning signs in to our kids’ lives.

Excellent parental monitoring software, PhoneSheriff, with its amazing monitoring features provides logs of call details, contacts, photos, videos, apps, calendar entries, websites and more. It even provides alerts so that that the information can be analyzed by a parent and they can figure out a plan to fight back digital enemies like cyber bullying, online predators or porn.

This digital cooperation between parental monitoring PhoneSheriff and parents is a must to keep our tender little ones safe. The software has many blocking and filtering features also to block content as per age and can issue time restrictions. It works with major smartphone operating systems (OS) like iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry so there is no problem if your son likes Android and your daughter loves her iPhone as both their smartphones can be monitored with the PhoneSheriff parental monitoring software.

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Feb 22 2013

A High School Teacher and Social Media Naivety

You would agree that a high school teacher has freedom of speech, but can they be callow about posting photos on Twitter. What happened to Carly McKinney due to her photos online is something that can happen to any professional or to our kids. She was asked to go on paid leave by the school administration where she worked unless the district officials reviewed her social web and spoke with her on matters ‘disturbing’ to them.

In case you are dealing with young minds that are in the growing phase, it is more likely that they will start following you. So I wonder how come Ms. McKinney never thought twice about posting photos where she was showing skin, smoking weed and drinking?

Our tweens and teens can be in the same trouble because they don’t think twice before sharing and posting information on the web. It works like this that they just want to tell the world and their friends what they are doing at the moment and want to get as many likes on it as possible.

Even being a 23-years-old, her Twitter bio read, “Stay high, Stay drunk… Mile High City” though she was teaching in her first year high school class kids. After the comments and photos were taken down, they can still be found in the cached files and rest of the world is left to judge her on moral grounds!

One online news website displayed her photos and Twitter comments to what she is wearing in the photos. The use of the word “crunk” is analyzed if at all she meant ‘marijuana’ or just ‘extremely fun’. This is what happens when online comments reach millions. Perhaps even if she has spare time and she is on administrative leave, she must not be posting such photos anymore if at all she has learned something. The district officials and the Cherry Creek School is yet to decide on her case about when she can return to school or if at all she will in the future. There is one thing for sure that she might have problems now finding a good job with all the negativity around her online social life.

The rule of thumb to be followed at all times by people of all age groups online is that one should not post or share something that an actual person wouldn’t do. Plus as someone stated that we can’t get more value than we create on social media we must at least assist our children in putting a less offensive image online. With a stringent computer monitoring software like SniperSpy, parents can see complete PC and internet activities like all screenshots, websites, keystrokes, profanity alerts, clipboard logs, social media logs of Facebook and MySpace, and more. Get all records and logs of chats, IMs, messages, files, apps and PC’s GPS location mapping.

All monitoring can be done remotely and the software can be installed without being physically present as an option. The computer monitoring software is easy to install, runs silently and also comes with many wonderful LIVE surveillance features. Among them are to see keystrokes, screenshots, browser URLs of the PC, active processes, remotely launch any application, unlock/lock the PC and even send a message to the user in real time. With the filtering and blocking options, parents can filter websites, social networking portals, apps and even chat or IM filter. We as educated and aware parents can’t allow our kids to denigrate themselves with less thoughtful comments or pictures on the web and the best monitoring software SniperSpy can provide that constant security to us for our children.

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Jan 18 2013

No One likes Trolls on the Internet

For novices a troll is a person who has his own reason to trouble others by playing with their psyche. For me I don’t understand .000000001 percent why somebody would have a laugh out of it. The internet meaning for troll is a person who is dastardly, rotten, mean, and vile. They have their moments of fun by annoying, distressing and troubling others. Let’s read a few ways how they practice their trolling on the internet.

  • Grieving: It is also called griefing where the troll acts in a way to mean fully distress others by killing their own team members in online games, by repeated killing enemies that others are trying to kill or destroying content created by other players and then uploading such videos to have a good laugh at other’s cost.
  • Flaming: Here the trolls would try to great flame by hostility and sharing unpleasant exchanges in internet forums, social media sites such as on religion, school, class of people or other attacks.
  • Raiding: When a group of trolls join hands against one target and start sending emails, messages, texts and start posting on their virtual lives such as Facebook wall and others to raid them heartlessly.
  • Memorial trolls: These are the ones who would troll memorial pages to attack their kin and friends by posting inappropriate and false facts to get a response from their victims.
  • Shock value trolling: Here the trolls would use the shock value of events and incidences to have a good laugh such as material from shock sites, pornography or edited false photos and events.
  • Concern, advice and newbie trolling: These trolls will have a face of a good guy by showing fake concern and guiding to dubious links and information. Sometimes they pretend to be a innocent newbie who is new to internet forums and particular details and would post stupid questions to arouse unrest in the minds of their victims.

The best response to such trolls is no response as these trolls have no rule or fear. The worst is arguing with them as even the carefully picked arguments can easily be ignored, used against us and our tween/teens and the more our children try, the closer the troll gets to winning. The best advice is not to take them seriously and not to hate them as that will lead us to react. Another piece of advice is installing proper and leading computer monitoring software to know signs of trolls in their social networking lives and one such software is AceSpy Mac that takes care of all filtering and logging aspects on a Mac computer. Parents can view screenshots, keystrokes, chats, apps and internet sites visited on the Mac, and this way can spot such trolls quickly to take action.

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